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Modes of Transportation / Small Parcel

FedUP with your small parcel providers?


In this Section



Our Solution

Be a big fish in a small pond with a custom program from DM to utilize our regional delivery or drop-ship options.


  • Faster Delivery To Your Customers
  • Greater On Time Reliability
  • Fewer Damaged Packages
  • Lower Small Parcel Costs
  • Fewer Accessorial Charges
  • No Complex Contracts
  • Better Customer Service

Additionally, clients benefit from our management services which include:


Invoice AuditingComprehensive Electronic Invoice Auditing
Recover All Overcharges Due Your Organization

  • Late Delivery Refunds
  • Incorrect Discount Application
  • Invalid Address Corrections
  • No Proof of Delivery
  • Inaccurate Residential Charges
  • Duplicate Invoices


TrackingVisibility to all Shipments via EasyFreight™
Empower your customer service department by providing them access to all your company's shipment on one website


ReportingRobust Reporting
You can't manage what you can't measure

  • Next Day and Second Day packages that could have shipped ground
  • Oversized packages that could have shipped via LTL or Forwarder
  • Zone skip and consolidation opportunites





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Modes of Transportation


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