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Logistics Solutions / Reverse Logistics

DM: Solving Your
Reverse Logistics Challenges


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DM picks up customer returns from residences and businesses throughout the continental United States.

We contact your customer within 24 hours of receipt the return request and attempt to make the pickup within 48 hours. Your customer can schedule their return via our website, a phone call or through a dedicated email for your account.

DM offers the most comprehensive set of options for returns in the industry:

 Return to Vendor
 Local Donation
 Local Recycle
 Local Destroy

We can accomplish all of this through one-off shipments or, to gain additional savings, through a consolidation.

All details are traceable by you, and your customer, on a website customized to your needs and requirements.

Our standard website is returns.easyfreight.com. You can view a sample with RMA #12345.

Where DM really shines is our unparalleled customer service. We truly are 24/7, and we understand the importance of proactive communication. Our team is very responsive and we work tirelessly to ensure both you and your customers are satisfied.





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