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How DM Benefits You / Reduce Costs

Effective Solutions to Reduce Costs

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DM differentiates itself from the thousands of transactional brokers who only focus on "the next shipment" by providing flexible solutions that meet your company’s specific needs. This long-term approach ensures you’ll save money for days, months and years…not just on today's shipment.

Here are just a few of your options:

1) DM has partnered with a number of associations to create industry alliance pricing. These programs leverage the combined spend of companies with similar commodities enabling them to compete on the shelves but collaborate on the supply-chain to reduce costs.

2) DM's RFP (Request For Pricing) process is thorough, detailed and, most importantly, produces the results you’re looking for. Our RFP was formulated for a Fortune 50 company and has been proven with companies of all sizes, both public and private.

3) DM can convert your problematic inventory and capital equipment into funds to spend on logistics. Short Code dated? Rebranding? Discontinued a product line? Don’t take pennies on the dollar when you can receive the value you deserve.

Each company DM works with is unique, which is why our solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs. Take the next step and find out how DM can help you reduce costs and enhance service at your organization.




How DM Benefits You


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