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Logistics Solutions / Project Logistics Management

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Project Logistics Management

DM Transportation manages inbound Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and materials logistics for development programs and complex construction projects for the benefit of owners, developers, project/program managers, as well as the major vendors and suppliers to the project. DM coordinates with the parties to the project to ensure FF&E and material deliveries to the site are driven by the project schedule, without excess storage and handling and the related costs.

Services include:

Coordinating FF&E procurement from the issuance of purchase orders, through job site delivery and installation, each step of which is integrated with the program / project schedule.

  • Development of a logistics plan tied to the project schedule, defining the completion requirements for the FF&E vendor's production schedule
  • Coordination of changes in construction or vendor production schedules between the affected vendors and project management team
  • Match and approve vendor invoice for payment pursuant to owner-defined terms

Management of all project-related transportation, warehousing and site-deliveries in the most cost-effective manner available to meet the project schedule demands:

  • Manage pick-ups and deliveries in concert with the vendor production and project's construction schedule, utilizing appropriate mode to the situation
  • Establish multi-vendor and regional consolidations for bringing FF&E to the site
  • Advanced planning allows maximum use of inter-modal transport
  • Utilization of DM's industry-leading pricing with preferred transportation suppliers

Customized reporting related to all aspects of FF&E status and costing:

  • Owner-defined project budgeting for logistics, with variance reporting
  • Budget overruns identified by PO# and accounting convention
  • Real-time inventory reporting by project and status
    (production, delivered, installed)
  • Vendor contract status by purchase order, from issued through contract closeout




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