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How DM Benefits You / Approach

Our Approach to Reducing Costs
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There are tens of thousands of transactional brokers in the market. All with a short term approach.

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm from XYZ Logistics. Do you have anything shipping out today I can give you a quote on?"

Maybe you saved $5. But how does the lack of visibility affect customer service and your customers? How is accounting burdened by a multitude of carriers and multiple individual invoices that don't have the information they need to audit or process the invoice? What about when something goes wrong? Does the transactional broker suddenly forget your number when it's time to locate a delayed shipment or file a claim?

DMs approach has two long term positive effects: reducing costs and enhancing service.

We take a comprehensive look at your entire supply chain to identify savings opportunities. In addition DM will document and outline how each department will become more efficient. While our approach is methodical each solution is as unique as the company we're working with. Most importantly DM will help facilitate these changes with you through our experienced people and dynamic Transportation Management System (TMS) EasyFreight.

If you want to save $5 on a shipment we can recommend a lot of transactional brokers.

If you want a professional organization to work with you to create long standing opportunities to reduce costs and make a significant positive impact on your entire operation take the next step and contact DM.




How DM Benefits You


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