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Knowledge, experience and technology set us apart.


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DM began operations in 1995 to provide vendor inbound, and supply-chain management services to the Direct Marketing Industry. As a service provider to the Direct Marketing Industry, we have two key advantages that set us apart from traditional logistics or Transportation Management services;
1) Our knowledge and reputation within the DM industry; 2) Our use of targeted computer technology. We are the only Transportation Management Company to pioneer Intransit Tracking and a proprietary rate base for all domestic activity in one application and web site.

Direct Marketing companies will spend an average of 2% to 4% of gross sales on vendor inbound freight, ranking it among the top eight operational expenses. While often overlooked, inbound freight management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing, and fulfillment operations.

Our Cost Savings Program was created by experienced Direct Marketing Operations Managers to leverage the volume generated by our consortium of participating companies and pass on the benefits of lower freight costs. You benefit from our experience and receive the economies of scale not normally available to individual companies. Cost savings average 24% for participating companies.

Today DM Transportation is the largest inbound freight management company in the U.S. focused on supply side logistics for the direct marketing industry. Established in 1995 by former direct marketing executives, DM Transportation's growth has averaged over 25% annually for the last five years and represents over 500 client companies.



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